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MEMErable AFK FISH event! Boost Memory Fragments and relics with AFK Black Desert Online BDO

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Добавлено от Gamer В Black Desert
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Website http://www.incendar.com
Discord: https://discord.gg/74DCXh4
Your name on videos: https://streamlabs.com/incendar

Hi Youtube!
in the year 2017.. memes and relics have been hunted to extinction... but there is hope with the Memorable event!

Since many fishbots have been banned there is a possibility it has caused the relic issue, consider AFK fishing during your downtime.

How to optimize:
If you log off each day for sleep and work you may want to keep game running to AFK fish for more MEMEs Relics, and Golden fish, oh and also seals!

1. Get +5 fishing (2/3 cloths and guild buffs +2 or use a food item to get to 5 or alchemy stone. Guild and cloths +2 is cheapest

2. Then Get a balenos rod (lowers afk fish time) to +7 (or +10 if you want and have the memes)

3. (Optional)penguin or polar bear (penguin was free gift you may have if not grab a polar bear, not needed but recommended)

4. You may want to turn off white items as some are reporting not getting some event items (even though this was supposedly fixed). If you have low inventory slots just click it I guess

Happy New year guys!

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