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Khabib did a new Disclosure about WWE, Will Khabib go to WWE? See...

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The world has opened doors for Khabib Abdul Mannan, who defeated martial arts champion Corner McGregor in the UFC, this brave young, who lives in the mountainous desert region of Russia, has now become the new hero of the world.

Khabib has made a world record by winning 27 consecutive matches, but in the previous match, he has wiped out a big hole, opening big doors for bigger platform Khabib.

The world's most watched #WWE has called Khabib and asked him to join the ring, which Khabib has said about tweeting his official tweeters and going to his fans.

WWE is engaged in trying to include the world's best talent in the company so that more and more people can be drawn towards it. At this time #Khabib Nurmgomedov has become very popular. Apart from winning against Connor McGregor and also known for his unreleased streak. At the height of the moment Khabib's career is not seen, he does not think he will go to WWE.

Khabib Abdul Mannan Nuragomedov is not a common #MMA (mixed martial arts) fighter, but he has not lost a single fight in his career. In MMA Khabib's streak is 27-0. The record of winning the most matches consistently is the name of Khabiib.

After registering victory against Connor #McGregor, 'The Eagle' Khabib jumped on top of Cage and attacked Connor McGregor's team. After the fight, there was a lot of tension between the teams of the two fighter teams. But somehow #UFC officials intervened. After finishing the fight in the UFC, the champion is given a belt and then the two fighter is spoken in the cage, but the cremation is not organized to see the tension rising. Now see, what is the move in WWE Will keep it, or not?

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