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India's AGNI-V ICBM M!ssile Advances

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This video shows you that India's AGNI-V ICBM Mi$$ile Advances.

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India’s first intercontinental ballistic mis$ile (ICBM), still under development, is expected to be inducted into the strategic arsenal after one more test, which could occur as soon as October.

The Agni-5 has been tested six times, most recently in June. It is a three-stage, road-mobile miss!le able to carry a 1,500-kilogram payload a distance of 5,000 kilometers. I

ndia reportedly has been working to develop multiple independently targetable re-entry vehicles (MIRVs) for the mi$$ile, Franz-Stefan Gady wrote in The Diplomat, which would provide India with a second-strike capability. Analysts believe India is developing the long-range mi$sile to bolster its nuclear deterrence with China.

The Agni-5 will need to be tested several more times after it has been inducted before it can be operationally deployed.

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